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Do You Make These Mistakes With Women?

  • You never know the right thing to say to a girl to get her to like you.
  • You can't figure out how to pass a girl's “attraction” tests.
  • You have no idea what to do when another guy starts talking to your girl.
  • You can tell when a girl is into you, but don't know how to start kissing her.
  • You can get a girl's phone number, but can't get her to call you back.
  • You always seem to think of the right thing to say and do AFTER the girl blows you off.
  • You seem to get constantly rejected by women.
If you have experienced ANY of these problems, then this may be the single most important page you've ever read!  Please read the whole thing to discover the secrets to always knowing exactly the right thing to say and do in order to attract the girl of your dreams.
From the Bachelor Pad
Of: Ray Devans

RE: Getting The Girl You Want
Dear Friend,

      My name is Ray Devans, I am a former skinny nerd who became one of the most successful ladies men you will ever meet - and my insane story, along with the crazy adventure of my best friend Jay Valens (a self-confessed “short guy”), will open your eyes wide and give you the tools to dramatically change your life just like we did.

      You see, over ten long years ago, we were both starting on a journey that would take us through back alleys, into cafés, all over the Internet, across continents and major cities of the world, bringing us into contact with real, living, breathing modern day Casanovas and Don Juans.

      We saw guys get slapped testing out new ideas with women in the name of science, we overcame our immense fear of talking to girls in places like Starbucks and in clubs.  We tested ideas ourselves, we spent countless hours at bars and clubs, all while running what became the largest Internet site about pickup, seduction and dating on the planet.

      We didn't plan any of this, but almost by accident we formed a virtual lab for testing literally thousands of tactics and techniques and found the ones that got women flocking to our formerly empty beds.

      In a process kind of like what Thomas Edison went through in finally making the light bulb, we discovered the hard way about ten thousand things that didn't work.  But we also found over 100 very specific things that worked like the way we always hoped “Spanish Fly” and pheromones were supposed to work!  Secrets we are finally ready to share with a select few worthy men like you.

The “Hard Work” Is
Already Done For You!

      The process wasn't easy.  And it wasn't pretty.  It was actually somewhat painful... and often downright embarrassing.

      But it WAS possible for two uber-geeks like Jay and me.  And it can be possible for you, too. We guarantee you that much.

      In fact, maybe you are or have been where we once were.  I was an engineer who worked 80 hours per week and spent what precious little free time I had in a relationship with a woman who controlled my every action.  I was actually faithful to her throughout all that time, only to find out she was married!

      And Jay was living in a small suburb town, collecting comics, and driving girls to other guy's houses at the end of dates instead of his own.  He was chasing after sloppy seconds from those same guys by literally throwing pebbles at the windows of these same girls like a scene from some sad movie.

      We were what you can imagine Jim Carey would contort his face wildly and mercilessly call “Looooosers”.

But Here's How YOU
Can Be A Winner!

      Depending on your current situation, maybe you are thinking you are worse off than us, that no one could be more helpless than you.

      But I would put down money that we can out-geek 99% of the guys on this planet, and our stories were more pitiful than you can imagine.

      In fact, the only reason we are willing to tell you our stories NOW is that we conquered that helplessness finally, and know that other men can, too.

      We have all probably felt hopeless at one time or another with women.  And Jay and I can honestly say “we have been there, done that” so if you feel any pain, we felt it, too and can relate.

      You name it, we spent the money trying it out to improve our miserable fortunes with women.

      I remember being poor as a dog in college but saving every last penny from my part time job to buy a Soloflex workout machine.  I figured if I could just get a body like those guys, women would come flocking.  What a waste of money and time that was!

      And between Jay and me, we tried and saw just about every product or book on the subject of getting better with women.  We smeared on questionable pheromone potions, read books from the 1970s with pictures of guys on the front with more chest hair than King Kong , used top-secret “pheromone” colognes, and none of it worked.

Our Jealously-Guarded
“Holy Grail” Of Pickup...

      But little by little, to our surprise we did start finding things that actually really did work.  A guy on the Internet would have a great idea, and that would get written down in what we called the “Golden Book of Pickup Ideas”.

      Literally, at that time we valued this information so much that we bought a leather-bound journal with golden-gilded pages and even stored it in a 250 pound safe in Jay's old apartment.

      It was our “Holy Grail” and if someone had told us then that we would dare share the information from its sacred pages we would have never believed it.  At that time it was jealously guarded information that we didn't want to share...

      We would go to a seminar and get some great ideas, and these too would be recorded in the gilded pages.

      We would fly halfway around the world to meet up with modern day Casanovas just to learn the secrets not taught in the seminars.

      A business trip to Hong Kong would teach me something new about foreign women, and that would get added to the library.

      We would go ask guys we saw doing well with women in malls or clubs what they were doing and more secrets would be recorded in the Golden Book of Pickup!

      Little by little the pieces of the puzzle came together.  And then it hit us one night 3 years ago at a Starbucks café in New York.

      We had experienced enough success with women that we no longer had a scarcity mentality with women, and decided we would take the “Golden Book of Pickup Ideas” and make the ultimate teaching tool for men: A virtual video encyclopedia of the top 100 tactics and techniques that we ever saw in all our travels and many years.

      The ultimate answer to all the products we had seen and tried ourselves that failed in the mission they promised.

      It took us another year and a half to free up the time and money necessary to really get the project moving, though we kept up our research.  Now, over another year and a half later, after tons of work and money spent perfecting the product, it is finally unleashed.

      Enter: “The Art of the Pickup®: Tactics & Techniques”.

“When the TOP Pickup Artists Around The World Reveal The Secret Routines That Make Them The Envy of Men Everywhere, It's Your One Chance to Change Your Life Forever”

      OK, so it's more like us revealing their secrets for them (in some cases we actually even got physical threats from guys telling us not to share this information) but the net result is still the same: these secrets can now be yours.

      We slaved away harder than Chinese shoe factory workers night and day to put together in video form and in one place our secret “Holy Grail” of pickup knowledge we had fought for through the years.

      And considering the incident where I almost got stabbed by an angry bouncer from Cameroon in Boston (long story), we even literally risked our lives to finally bring it to you!

The Art of the Pickup:
Tactics & Techniques

      It took years of planning and production, but we finally created the ultimate masterpiece we first dreamed about over 3 long years ago.  Simply put, a DVD set with professional, interactive video of over 100 of the top routines, tactics, techniques, and variations ever conceived of by men to meet women and get them into bed.

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In these DVDs, here is just a small sample of what you will find:
  • Routines and techniques to consistently start conversations with women anywhere - No thinking required!
  • Verbal and physical techniques to instantly generate powerful attraction in women - no matter your looks, age, or income level!
  • Smooth transition routines that move towards getting her trusting you - no more coming off as “needy” around her.
  • Ways to quickly advance her trust and comfort in mere hours - so you don't have to spend weeks wasting your time on dates!
  • Seduction techniques that help women drop their last minute resistance to sex - no more “getting lucky,” now you get what you want!
  • Routines that consistently ensure smooth escalation to sex - know exactly what to do, and WHEN to do it!
  • Turbo-charged “universal use” bonus routine for super fast escalation - This is the first time I am sharing this with ANYONE.

And much more...

      I'm just scraping the tip of the iceberg here - I don't want to give TOO MUCH away right now.  These are things you really need to see for yourself in order to believe them!

Forget Useless Gimmicks... Learn Powerful, Time-Tested Methods To Get Any Girl!

      Remember, this information comes from the best of the best.  We met with guys who literally met more women in a day than most guys meet in a year.

      Men who dated models on the weekday, and strippers on the weekend.

      Men who simply blew our minds with the massive success they were having, and helped us to get that same success ourselves.

      We flew to places like Montreal, Toronto, Portland, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, Austin, Taipei, Shanghai and even some really remote places you would never expect like Eugene, Oregon, all in order to talk with these guys and get their perspective first hand.

      We worked night and day as hard as we could to understand what they did and to learn their secrets.

      The result is a full learning system that goes far beyond traditional “pickup lines” and teaches you visually exactly what to do at every step of the way.

Experts and “Average Joe's” Alike Are Raving About “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques”

      You don't have to take our word for it, here is what some of these same experts who shared their secrets with us have had to say about “Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques”:

“This is the highest production quality DVD that I've seen thus far in the seduction community.  Watching the DVDs, it becomes obvious that Jay and Ray have painstakingly put forth a lot of effort to create a visual teaching tool that, on top of being top notch in production quality, is extremely user friendly as well.”

Cameron Teone - Attract Women Anywhere

      Also, here are some comments from normal guys from all walks of life who's lives have been changed with “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques”:

“Best Learning Tool You Will Ever Find!”

“When I got a chance to see an advance screening of the new DVDs, I didn't think twice since the first ones were so good.  And the amazing thing is that they managed to improve and raise the bar again in terms of the production quality and learning experience, plus the DVDs are the best learning tool you will ever find on the subject of routines.

“Until now you mostly just have to read a routine and imagine how the body language goes or whatever, but here you can see EXACTLY how to do it, it takes out all the guesswork.  And there is no guessing about one thing, if you want more success with women in your life, you owe it to yourself to get these DVDs!”

~ K.L., Los Angeles
Lawyer, Company Owner

“The Techniques I Chose To Try Were Immediately Successful”

“The Art of the Pickup: T&T DVD series is without a doubt the most original pickup product out there today.  I have always respected these guys for being mavericks in the field of seduction.  With this product they have again taken seduction teaching into a new frontier.  This product is refreshing in that it gets to the meat of picking up women.  It tells you exactly what to say to a woman.  It shows you through live video demonstration how to carry out these techniques.  And it addresses the fundamentals behind the routines so the students know how to tailor it to their own personality and identity.  The authors did a great job explaining why certain techniques work, and how to make it work for you.  They were also honest in letting you know that not everything works for everyone.

“I have been meeting women in bars and daytime for a while now.  These days I am very confident when talking with women, but many times the interactions stalls out.  The techniques in this DVDs really helped me through those hurdles.  This DVD series has such a comprehensive encyclopedic content that I was able to collect enough repertoire of tools that were congruent with my personality.  After watching the videos, most of the techniques I chose to try were immediately successful because there was not a moment where I felt like I was not being myself.

“This was really a very comprehensive product.  I feel every time I watch it there will be new insights and new techniques to try.  I have to thank Jay and Ray for putting together so professionally and creatively this sum of knowledge.”

~ Jack S., Doctor
Taipei, Taiwan

      But we were not just satisfied to ask other guys what they thought, we already knew they would love the product!  We were curious to see what women would think, so we screened the DVDs for some attractive women to see how they would respond to our system.

      Check out this exclusive video clip to see how much they loved the DVDs and how they all said the techniques would absolutely work with them:

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The Most Intense, Powerful
Pickup Secrets Available

      Forget the “guess-work.”  Our interactive video with professional narration shows you the proper way to deliver the top routines used by the best Pickup Artists around the world, exactly what order to use them in, and how to create your own routines.

“The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” will teach you:

  • Opening Routines - how to first talk to women anywhere, anytime with ease
  • Attraction Routines - how to get women uncontrollably and instantly attracted to you
  • Comfort Routines - how to get them comfortable enough to have sex when alone with you
  • Seduction Routines - how to finally get to sex when you are alone with her
  • Cold Reads & Disqualifiers - tactics to make you seem psychic and irresistibly desirable
Example routine, "Spin Test":
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Example routine, "Spin Test" (Commentary):
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  • Detailed step-by-step routines - A to Z full details, everything is covered for you, no “guessing”
  • Pickup Artist expert commentary on each routine - our “director's cut” explanations plug our knowledge directly into your brain
  • Auto rewind for emphasis and alternate scenes - to make you automatically remember the top points like a virtual seduction computer
  • Interactive, DVD video navigation - even more detailed than any Hollywood DVDs you have
  • Special graphics and text explanations - reinforces your learning experience at every step
  • Review menu - multiple learning modes : you choose to replay, see the expert commentary, or read transcripts
  • Bonus material - Secret “all purpose” nuclear-powered routine
  • Term Hints - in case you don't understand, just click and see the definition of terms

DVD 1 - Main Contents

  • Foundations - everything you need to understand to use the videos
  • Opening - tons of opening tactics for approaching and opening any woman
  • Transitioning - how to get beyond approaching and opening smoothly
  • Attraction - routines and tactics to create irresistible attraction
  • Glossary - audio and text glossary explains all terms

DVD 2 - Main Contents

  • Transitioning To Comfort - going beyond attraction to the comfort stage
  • Comfort - techniques to get women fully comfortable and trusting with you
  • Seduction - foolproof ways to get to sex from the comfort stage
  • Creating Your Own Routines - comprehensive guide to making personalized routines
  • Glossary - audio and text glossary explains all terms

What Two Geeks Can Do, You Can Do, Too!

      In these DVDs, we have created the most complete compilation of secret tactics and techniques of the masters ever assembled.

      But, the good news is that there is nothing these men have done that you cannot do also when you know their secrets.

      We speak from personal experience - if two geeks like us can do it, so can you.

      We made it a foolproof process.  “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” is basically a treasure trove of mind-blowing techniques that you can literally hook into your brain like Neo in the Matrix.  (Or for you Superman fans out there, like Jor-El from Krypton! - (See, I TOLD you we were geeks!))

      Here is a sneak peak at just some of what you will learn and be able to do yourself when you get your hands on these amazing DVDs:

  • A way to talk to 3 girls at once and get them all competing to do favors for you (like cooking for you) and have them loving every minute of it.
  • How you can actually use shyness to your advantage in getting into conversations with women.  When Jay first invented this technique I literally couldn't peel the first girl we tried it with off of me!
  • How a fun game from your high school days can be used to get her laughing and touching you playfully and getting sexually excited at the same time.
  • A step by step, how-to “template” for developing your own tactics and techniques that will fit your personality like a glove, and work like a charm with every woman you meet.
  • A simple but smooth tactic she will love that will help you “steal” a kiss from her as if you were a Ninja kissing thief!

      You will not only learn the specific routines that are time tested and field proven by the most successful guys in the game around the globe, but you will also learn the full underlying structure that guides your interaction with any woman like a secret Jedi force.

      Just follow this simple structure and you will move smoothly from your opening interaction with women into getting their attraction and then getting them comfortable with you and finally to getting physical and sexual with them.

It's Like Getting Girls - On AUTOPILOT!

      Each and every tactic and technique we teach you is coded into this structure, so you will always know what to use, and when to use it.

      No more guessing or fumbling about what to say, or worrying about trying to “get the timing right”.  Your timing will always be impeccable with women, as if Yoda himself was behind you guiding you.

      Here is a bit more of the many things you will learn:

  • How to always have something to say without having to think about it and why this will increase your success with women by leaps and bounds
  • A truly unbelievable way to pull a girl into you and then literally push her away from you (and what to say to her while doing it) that will fry her circuits and make her obsessed with you instantly
  • The ultra-smooth promenade-style arm-linking technique of the French masters that will set you apart from any man she ever met before, making her feel safe when walking with you and that will draw attention to the two of you in a way that she will love, plus the secret for making other women nearby wildly attracted to you at the same time
  • How to move her from one area of a club to another in a way that makes her feel subconsciously like she is already your girlfriend and conditions her powerfully to follow your lead
  • The incredible, magnetic technique to get her kissing you passionately within only minutes of meeting you


Big Bonus Bundle Bonanza

      We have some great bonuses for you when you get “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” before midnight .

      You have to act fast to get these though!  Because we will not be offering these bonuses for very long!

Special Bonus # 1:
Interview with Cameron Teone
(FREE! A $67 value)
We can't guarantee this bonus will last! - ACT NOW

We interviewed dating expert Cameron Teone from Attract Women Anywhere and got over 90 minutes of pure gold information from one of the true masters with women.

Cameron discusses some of his favorite routines, tactics, and techniques with us in this candid interview, including:

  • Cameron's favorite ways to first talk to women in different situations and consistently open them
  • A simply genius, humorous opener that we saw him use in a posh Hollywood restaurant, that you too can use on any attractive woman or group of women you see across the room in a restaurant
  • The “Iron Man” opening story, where we saw him approach a “ten plus” gorgeous model at a nearby table in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and get her attracted within seconds
  • Cameron's secret tips for getting women attracted to you and then comfortable around you so she will be ready to go home with you
  • Ideas and stories that draw on Cameron's experience with standup comedy to help you master becoming more humorous with women
  • Tips for getting things sexual with a woman quickly once she is back at your place
  • Strategies that Cameron personally uses to get around a woman's “last minute resistance” to having sex

Special Bonus # 2:
Tactics & Techniques: The Full Transcripts
(FREE! A $49 value)
We can't guarantee this bonus will last! - ACT NOW

Every tactic, technique and routine in “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” is written out in Hollywood script for you to read when you are not viewing the videos, together with explanations for execution.

Take these scripts with you on trips, to the library, or wherever you like and study them to engage a different method of learning each routine.

You can also use these scripted routines to actually practice with any female friends you have to get help practicing them in a comfortable environment before trying them “live”.  Just have her read and act out the part of the girl.  Women love to role play like this.  This is a great for use in training “wingwomen” too!


Special Bonus # 3:
Café Date Video
(FREE! A $29 value)
We can't guarantee this bonus will last! - ACT NOW

What if you had a video blueprint for exactly what to do and say on a first date?

This video segment shows exactly what to do from beginning to end on any date you set up to meet at a café or restaurant.

A step by step method that you can follow to ensure she will be attracted to you and that you will be in control and leading the whole way.


Special Bonus # 4:
Teleconference Audio
(FREE! A $49 value)

We held a teleconference for a few guys lucky enough to get in on time (we didn't have enough lines open to cover all callers as the demand was way more than we anticipated) and we answered as many of their top questions as we could in 90 minutes.

This audio contains answers to some of the most common areas of difficulty men from all across the world have with women, all answered by Jay Valens, Ray Devans, and Cameron Teone.


Special Bonuses #'s 5, 6, 7, and 8:
Follow-up Teleconferences
(FREE! A $196 value)

The problem with a lot of products is that after you buy them, if you have questions then you don't get to have your questions answered.

While we are always available to reply to customer emails, we decided to hold 4 more teleconferences to answer them in person.

You can attend one of the teleconferences and ask your questions in person, plus all teleconferences will be available to our customers as digital downloads.


Last Minute Addition!  Bonus # 9:

Our friends over at “Pickup 101” have offered our Tactics & Techniques customers access to some of their secret hidden videos, as an opportunity for you to get a free one-on-one evaluation call with them, to help you figure out what other help you might need maximize your experience with our Tactics & Techniques and guarantee your game is the best, bar none.

We will give you the secret link to get access to these at the time of your purchase.

Honestly, we don't even know how to price this one, they came to us with is last-minute and if it was us offering what they're offering (1:1 evaluation call) we'd have to charge at least another $100 or even $150 (I believe their evaluation calls are valued at $149).

But Hurry - These Bonuses Are
Only For People Who Act Now!

      In total, you get over $490 worth of FREE bonuses, which you can download instantly, and keep forever, no matter what.

      When we talked to a number of sales “experts”, and told them about what we were going to be offering as extra bonuses, they told us we were INSANE for giving away so much to our customers.  Literally, this is how the phone conversations usually ended: “Ray, Jay, you're f**king insane.  You could make a ton selling all that stuff separately.”

      But that's not the way we think.

      This is our gift and reward to anyone who has the guts to decide they are ready to change their lives forever when it comes to dating women.

      We learned from our teleconference that most guys are even afraid to even ask a question, so this is our way to reward you for having the guts not to be a wallflower anymore!

      But remember - these bonuses are available for a limited time only!

      We've set a deadline of midnight , and after that, we can't promise these bonuses will be available any longer!


Bottom Line: How Much Are You Willing
To Pay To Have Any Woman You Want?

      We know times are tough and money is tight.  But over the years, in order to learn every single technique we are going to teach you, we have spent close to $50,000 EACH.

      We like to joke it would have been cheaper just to hang out with hookers!  But let's face it, if you want to find beautiful, smart, fun, quality women, you have to know how to attract them.

      Just to give you an idea of how much it cost us to learn these secrets, let's break it down for you:


  • Typical Cross-country airfare to visit Experts: $700
  • Typical International plane to visit Experts: $1,400
  • Typical Hotel and room fees: $110 per night
  • Typical food and bar costs: $80 per night
  • Typical seminar fee: $800
  • Typical workshop/bootcamp cost: $2500
  • Typical 1-on-1 training fee with experts: $10,000
  • Total cost of all courses you could buy: over $30,000

      To seek out and learn all the techniques in these videos like we did would cost you literally tens of thousands of dollars.

      Because our DVD series and media package is so unique, and no other course out there gives you such easy access to so many methods of pickup, we could easily charge $999 for access to it.

      But we're not doing that.

      We want to charge just enough money to cover our costs.  So right now, we are making “Tactics & Techniques” available for just  $499 .

Special “Release Date” Price Break!

Because our course is new and we want to reward all of our students who act early, we are offering a special price break!

That means if you order The Art Of The Pickup RIGHT NOW, you can get it for the super-low price of just $227!

That's it!  For ordering today, you'll get our entire Holy Grail of jealously guarded pickup knowledge for $272 off the full purchase price!

But you better act quickly, because we will be raising the price back soon!

      It's like we're paying you to take them when you factor in the value of the bonuses, but perhaps the most shocking true value comes when you factor in what you would spend on gifts and “go nowhere” dates with a woman.

      Those will be a thing of the past with these DVDs, as used correctly many of the tactics and techniques will allow you to not even spend a dime with women.

      There is enough information in these DVDs to keep you learning for years, so averaged out you get it all for mere cents a day.

      Like a true encyclopedia, it will always be there on the shelf at your fingertips for you when you need the answers and new techniques.


Don't Be Ashamed About Being A Man!

      OK, so free bonuses might be all “fine and dandy”, but you might be thinking you still have some doubts.

      It can be a tough decision to not only spend money, but sometimes even just to admit you can use some help, and we appreciate and understand your concerns.

      After all, we were once in your shoes and there was a time I used to think nothing could work to help me improve with women.  Part of me didn't want to even say I might need help, so I wouldn't consider even buying a product like this even after realizing what an amazing value it is.

      Fortunately for me, I did finally decide to start improving my success in this area of my life, and one of the first products I bought was not so bad.  But that was way back in the year 2000, and what I got was a set of cheap audio tapes, half of which actually broke on me so I couldn't listen to them anymore!

      I still got some good information out of them, but then I started seeing and reviewing a lot of other products that were really just crap.  So if you have bought some products that just never worked for you, we can understand what that is like, too.

      But that is exactly why we produced “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques”.  We wanted to put out a product that men like you can truly learn and benefit from.

      We want our products to be of quality, with the best information you can get your hands on. And that is why we spent literally years working on it.

      I told you the story above about how I saved up all I could for a Soloflex workout machine almost 20 years ago.  At that time I thought it was the solution to help me with women and I spent over $1000 to get it.

      I tell you with absolute conviction that if I could go back in time and get the chance to spend that money to get these videos instead, I would do it in a heartbeat, my life would be entirely different.

      Still, there is something to be said for doing what it takes to try to get a solution in the way I did even if my first attempt didn't work, that is the mark of successful men everywhere. And if you have read this far, you may have what it takes to be one of those men.

      Don't waste anothe second of your time doing things wrong when trying to meet & attract women!  The only thing you have to lose is the lack of success with women you may have experienced up till now.

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How Bad Do You Want
Success With Women?

      If you need another reason to get this course, remember the money you will spend on trying to meet and impress women the traditional way with gifts, dates, etc.

      I can say with certainty that over the last 10 years I have saved tens of thousands of dollars compared to what I would have spent trying to meet and court women the “normal” way.  (I spent $1400 on just two purses for the married girl before I discovered these secrets).

      When you think about it this way, “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” essentially pays you to buy it!  Investing in your ability to meet and attract women is actually one of the most powerful investments you can make in your life.  It saves you money, mental anguish, wasted effort and so much more.

      And now it is maybe more important than ever to save money this way, as economies around the world are entering recession and women will be more focused than ever before on trying to extract money, dates and gifts out of men.

      The dating game in that environment is going to be like playing Doom on Nightmare mode, but with our DVDs you can play in God mode instead.  Having an encyclopedia of tactics and techniques to make women irresistibly attracted to you despite their normal money seeking tendencies is your only defense and is literally invaluable in the long run.


The Time For You To
Get Your Girl Is Now!

      The next step is yours, we have done everything in our power to make sure it is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

      We spent years working on the product so that we could stand behind it with more confidence than anyone else out there.

      We're offering you one-of-a-kind bonuses.

      We're putting our reputations on the line to guarantee this product will make a humongous positive difference in your life... one you can't risk losing out on!

      But only you can take the initiative to order the product now and start the process of change in your life.

      The alternative is to continue to FAIL and be FRUSTRATED with women.  But if you have read this far, you have the persistence it takes to succeed!

      Now all you need is the right information, at the right time, in the right format. So click here now, do the right thing, do it for yourself, and never look back!

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Jay Valens and Ray Devans

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